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“Here mortal men receives tithes but there He receives them of whom it is witnessed, that he lives” (Hebrews 7:8).

Jesus still receives tithes! Tithing cannot be Old Testament. The tithe does not go to the Church or to the preacher. The tithe goes through the Church and through the preacher. Tithing is spiritual, not financial. It is about the Bible and not budgets!

My mother, Mother Joni Henderson told me growing up, “Don’t lie! If you’ll lie , you’ll steal!”. In her mind lying and stealing were co-conspirators. They are! God considers people who do not tithe to be robbers. “..Ye have robbed Me” (Malachi 3:8-9). Robbers lie on God!

If you are not tithing you are robbing and lying. What are the lies that robbers tell when they refuse to tithe?

“God has not been good to me.”
“God does not own all I have.”
“God is asking for too much.”
“God is real but He can’t be trusted.”
“God isn’t worthy to receive 10% of my income.”
“Jesus is not seated in heaven.”
“Jesus didn’t tithe or teach tithing.”
“I can do more with 10% than God can.”
“I’m already blessed without ever tithing.”
“I can’t afford to tithe.”

We believe that tithing is a deeply spiritual matter of commitment and dedication. It is a symbol of our consecration and devotion to God and an expression of His ownership of all things and our stewardship over those things that he has given us dominion.

Tithing is the floor, the basis of Christian giving, not the ceiling. The consistent testimony of scripture declares that tithing is the basic act of a Christian steward.  Tithing is a commandment, not a substitute for other righteous acts. Being obedient to God and tithing regardless of economic condition brings blessings from God.