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Your consistent and generous giving allows the work of the ministry to continue. When you give regularly LIVES ARE CHANGED, CHAINS ARE BROKEN AND PEOPLE CANNOT REMAIN THE SAME.  Set up a bank transfer through Zelle using our phone number: 408 532 7625

Many banks participate in this payment service called Zelle (including major banks such as Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Citibank). If you bank at a member of the network, you can send funds directly from your deposit account without exchanging any sensitive information.  When you set up a transfer using Zelle the only identifying information for us that you need to input is our email churchontherock@gmail.com  The other fields can be left blank.

Banks that don’t participate in the network sometimes also have their own free wireless transfer option. If you are interested in either option and it is not clear from their website, we recommend that you consult your individual bank. You can also email us and we are happy to help as best we can.

We also accept donations through CASH APP that you may download on your iOS or Android phone and just enter our phone number 408 532 7625 to give. Its easy and its safe.  Thank you for what you do for GOD through this local body of believers.