We exist to be a catalyst to transform the San Jose/Silicon Valley from a place of spiritual darkness to a global strategic ...teaching and discipling center for the gospel of Jesus Christ by partnering with like-minded churches to produce Romans 12 Christians....here(San Jose)...there(USA)...and everywhere(World).

We are a traditional Christian church that is respectful to traditional values. Our governmental structure follow accepted standards of Baptist polity. Our worship services follow a pre-established order that is free for reinterpretation by our pastor when spiritually guided to do so. Our worship style would be classified as celebratory and inspirational while being reverent in glorification of the eternal God.

We appreciate the Word more fully when it is preached in an expositional, exegetical style but we also recognize the diversity of tools that God makes available to His ministers to communicate His message to His people.

Though our church believes that there may be some situation, somewhere in the world, where God may need to allow His gifts, such as healing or speaking in tongues (non-learned human languages), to take place, in our local assembly we do not encourage the claim of them. We believe, instead, that a changed life manifesting spiritual fruit and Christian character qualities that glorify God are the contemporary dispensational signs of the Holy Spirits inter-active relationship with mankind and not extraordinary spiritual manifestations. (1 Cor. 13 & 14:12, 22 & 40)