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Young Preacher,

You think you want to be a pastor, but let me give you some facts that you may want to consider before rushing into this position:

1. MOST pastors don’t get paid. I know you’ve listened to haters call all pastors “money hungry” but they are on the outside looking in and don’t have a clue what they are talking about. (I said MOST, not all).

2. You’re on call 24/7. People expect your family, study, hobbies, emergencies, health, pre-planned events and calendar to wait if they need you.

3. People that you love, support, pray for, protect, guide and get delivered will: leave you, bash you, lie on you and do all they can to destroy how others see you.

4. People expect you to do everything free, but still mysteriously find a way to support your family. They can live in mansions, drive Bentley’s and take lavish trips, but you better look like you’re “in need” every time they see you or you’re “stealing the money from the church” 🙄

5. It’s STRESSFUL! Most of pastoring is managing personalities. Sister Doorknob doesn’t like Brother Rooftop and your job is to find wisdom that will allow them to peacefully co-exist.

6. If you marry the wrong person…you’re doomed. Your spouse will, at some point, compete with your ministry, get jealous of those in your church or complain about the burden of the responsibility of your call.

7. People will bring dry energy to church and expect you to make the service “good”.

8. There are people in your congregation that are acting like they’re submitted to you, but they’re actually searching your life for a reason to discredit your authority in their lives.

9. People feel like their money, family pedigree and social status make them exempt from rules that everyone else must follow.

10. You’ll marry them, bury them, counsel them, congratulate them and purchase from them…and they may not give a dollar on your love day.

My point is…if you’re not called to do this, the devil, stress or people will drive you away from it. It’s more than suits, adjutants, reserved parking spots and somewhere to preach. Pastoring demands a passion for the sheep.

I love y’all