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“And how shall they preach, except they be S͟E͟N͟T͟?“ Romans 10:15

Everybody wants to be a Senior Pastor (it seems). Pastoral ministry is attractive when all you see are:

•The platforms
•The popularity
•The bright lights
•The response of the congregation
•The honor & appreciation
•The remuneration & lifestyle of some
•The hand of GOD on a Pastor’s life


(1) The hours of counseling sessions with members (which usually fall on deaf ears)

(2) The demonic backlash for helping people see & setting people free

(3) The unrealistic expectations of both those inside & outside the church

(4) The deep grief experienced at the loss of every member (whether they go home to be with the Lord or decide that it’s time for a new church home)

(5) The stress caused by troublemakers, busybodies, immature members, insecure leaders, super spiritual gossips, & competitive peers

(6) The frustration of dealing with undeserved criticism from those who aren’t even faithful

(7) The discouragement of takers coming to the church for financial help but NEVER giving a dime of Tithes or Offerings

(8) The countless hours of study, preparation, self-doubt, & depression that comes from the over analyzing of messages we deliver & how they were or weren’t received.

Pastoral Ministry is difficult even for those who were born to do it. It is demanding, draining, & at times disappointing.

So, if you feel CALLED, my advice is submit to the training & wait to be SENT.